Runecairn Norse fantasy tabletop roleplaying game

Odd-Like Compatibility

Runecairn is based on Into the Odd and Cairn, sharing many similar rules and mechanics. You can run adventures designed for Cairn and Into the Odd (along with other Odd descendants like Mausritter, Liminal Horror, and We Deal in Lead) with Runecairn adventurers, though there are some guidelines to bear in mind.

General Guidelines #

  • Runecairn Adventurers are more resilient than other characters and persist after death. Consider tweaking the challenge to best fit the group.
  • For bonfires, place one at the beginning of a dungeon and at least one on each floor. Place a bonfire after a significant challenge is overcome (ie. after defeating a boss).
  • Swap out gold treasure for soul remnants.

Cairn #

  • Treat spellbooks the same, though roll SPI rather than WIL.

Converting Monsters #

Ability score guidance #

  • Is it good at avoiding damage? Give it Res.
  • Does it soak damage? Give it DEF.
  • Is it strong? Give it a high STR.
  • Is it nimble? Give it high DEX.
  • Is it clever? Give it high WIT.
  • Is it charismatic? Give it high SPI.

Cairn/Into the Odd #

  • HP → Resilience
  • Will → Wits or Spirit
  • Consider the Ability score guidance when converting Will or Heart into Wits/Spirit; for powerful creatures, roll d6+10 for the other ability score.
  • Armour → Defence
  • Critical damage → Dire strike

Magic does not bypass armour in Cairn or Into the Odd, so consider increasing Res or Str accordingly.

We Deal in Lead #

  • Grit → Resilience
  • Heart → Wits or Spirit

Critical damage effects become dire strike attacks.


  • Str and Con (average) → Strength
  • Int →Wits
  • Wis and Cha (average) → Spirit
  • 1 Res per HD for creatures.
  • Humanoids have at least 4 Res.
  • Most undead have less than 3 WIT and most animals have less than 6.
  • Morale can be used as a baseline.

For armour (AC): light armour (leather) gives 1 Def, medium (chainmail) gives 2 Def, and heavy (plate) gives 3 Def. Shields add +1 Def.

Damage dice are roughly equivalent (armed attacks do at least d6 damage).

Converting to Other Systems #

Follow the same guidance but in reverse. Other systems may not have adventurer respawning, so encounters are likely much deadlier.