Runecairn Norse fantasy tabletop roleplaying game

Runecairn Wardensaga Remastered is Live on Kickstarter

I’m currently launching a refreshed and updated version of Runecairn Wardensaga on Kickstarter!

What’s new in Wardensaga Remastered?

  • Sleek new layout, making it clearer to read and play.
  • Tightened up and clarified mechanics, to better convey to new players and GMs.
  • Brought in new mechanics introduced in the Runecairn Bestiary like toxic and dismembered status effects.
  • Provided answers to common questions like “how do I increase mead flask sips?”, “what do rare items mean?”, and “where should I place bonfires when playing solo?”.
  • Brilliant new colour and texture for the illustrations, alongside all new illustrations like the dwarf and lindworm.
  • Typo and corrections pass to squash those bugs once and for all.